It is my wish that everyone lives a Great Life – Shyam Jethnani

Life Coach | Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Anchor | Host – All this makes him a dynamic personality because of his versatility. His vision is to have a purposeful life and to be able to serve humanity to the best of his capability. He believes and loves to live and lead by example, thus has many breath-taking examples and experiences to share. Fond of nature and adventures of life, he likes and does things that are human in nature and is a family oriented person. He is known as a man of action and for outstandingly exceeding expectation of clients and audience. He is easy with people and hard with challenges of life. He works for satisfaction versus success, as success anyways follows the person who is satisfied.

According to him, everyone is gifted with one’s own unique style and should follow their style as copying limits creativity and kills originality. In a way, it is like killing life gradually. Thus, he is excellent with what he does and is often found being appreciated for his genuineness. This also helps him build trust based relation immediately and effortlessly with anyone he comes across. His knowledge comes from sheer experience and not from books, videos, Gurus or any other source. He considers life and all the people he comes across as his Guru. As according to him, limiting yourself to one guru would mean losing on so much precious content and information that everyone is carrying.

His unrelenting dream and hunger to do something for the society compelled him to take up Life Coaching and Public Speaking as a profession after working 16 years in various domains of Corporate and Business endeavors.

While working with corporates, he was able to transform many lives which helped him realize the purpose of his existence. He feels he is fortunate enough to be able to touch and transform so many people.

He is humble, quickly gains people’s acceptance and is easy to connect with or talk to.

Shyam’s clients include individuals, professionals, multi-national companies, corporates & organizations. He has conducted workshops and seminars and has trained, coached, mentored & counselled a range of people including Owners, CEO’s, HOD’s, Trainers and Individual Professionals.

His forums, seminars and meetings, apart from being highly impactful and effective are interactive and fun. It is his mission to help people achieve desired results & realize their true potential.

Don’t have a Good Day, M-A-K-E – O-N-E

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