Book release function for Institute of Preventive Cardiologist. It’s such a great feeling when your clients are happy with you.

The audiences were senior citizens but their energy was far better than the youngsters, such mind blowing audiences. For the first time ever, I was touched with the lovely spirit of the senior citizens and to hear them enjoying while talking and sharing their experience.

It was such a pleasure to work and be associated with such a noble & honorable personality who have been recognized by late President Sir. Abdul Kalam ji and by our finance minister Mr. Chidambaram. She has been recognized as the leading physician of the world and top Preventive Cardiologist in California by International Association of Cardiology, New York, USA.

Truly salute Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi, a globally renowned cardiologist. Salute her courage for standing against the odds & fighting for her right and standing by it, until she achieved it. It is not about the fact what she feels is right but about the fact that what she was doing and what she is still doing is right. And that’s what matters the most.

@ Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

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