I believe everyday is our birthday, so I personally celebrate MY BIRTHDAY EVERYDAY! Everyday should be a celebration. My mornings are simply amazing as I start by hugging myself and wishing myself a Happy Happy Birthday, and then dancing alone, like we do it on our birthdays.

This is such an Energizing way to start everyday and it completely recharges me with an amazing dose and a kick of Mast Electrifying Energy.

The way you treat yourself with small and simple, yet highly impactful and effective ways makes the entire day “Absolutely Mast Mast”

Look for such small and simple, yet highly impactful and effective ways to start your day. Until you find one you can start with the “Happy Birthday” technique.

Earlier I used to celebrate alone, then I thought of taking it one step ahead by celebrating with unknown people on the road. People just enjoyed and were so happy when we started celebrating everyone’s birthday on the road. The rest you can see it in the video by yourself.

Wish You Happy Happy Happiest Birthday My Unknown Friend, Have a Mast Mast Day!!!

REMEMBER – Whatever Was, WAS MAST; Whatever Is, IS MAST & Whatever Will Be, WILL BE MAST

Don’t have a Mast Day, M-A-K-E – O-N-E

? Sab Mast Hai ? & Jeeyo Full Power ? ?

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